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The code behind the simple website creation platform.

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began factoring out site supervision into Site.Supervisor (check-in: a13c798d38, user: eli, branch: dev)
6.9 days lib/formal/host/pages.ex
put page functions into services to make them self-contained (check-in: 405f01e5dd, user: eli, branch: dev)
7.2 days mix.exs
factored host database logic into host module ; removed Studio module (check-in: a76a30b77d, user: eli, branch: dev)
10.9 days lib/formal/web.ex
put web based funtionality into web subtree (check-in: f4b1d15b21, user: eli, branch: dev)
23.0 days priv/ui/site.eex
tweaked site admin page to include help documentation more prominently (check-in: 8ff635be0c, user: eli, branch: dev)
23.1 days priv/style.css
update CSS to use cute arrows instead of bullet points for ul and removed link underlines (check-in: f1843a6b72, user: eli, branch: dev)
24.1 days LICENSE
added MIT License (check-in: 662674b0f3, user: eli, branch: dev)
24.1 days
change formal site to formal studio in README (check-in: 3b53be5feb, user: eli, branch: dev)
24.1 days priv/ui/join.eex
tweaked beta phrasing (check-in: 6289822485, user: eli, branch: dev)
25.3 days priv/ui/page.eex
changed Home menu item to Take Me Home (check-in: 585083ee07, user: eli, branch: dev)
25.7 days priv/ui/admin.eex
added link to site home page to each site page except home page (check-in: f6b208e3c1, user: eli, branch: dev)
27.7 days priv/ui/edit-home.eex
now serving each site's pages at a sub path of the site's home page; design sucks (check-in: 79f8dd0e92, user: eli, branch: dev)
32.9 days fossil-config
changed name from formal site builder to formal studio in config (check-in: 555fb60198, user: eli, branch: dev)
34.1 days mix.lock
updated depo to newer version (check-in: c2e097f9e8, user: eli, branch: dev)
34.1 days priv/ui/passphrase.eex
changed account creation flow to not include creating a first site (check-in: 89b077a511, user: eli, branch: dev)
35.8 days priv/ui/login.eex
added new site creation form while signed in (check-in: fc104986da, user: eli, branch: dev)
38.8 days config/config.exs
reorganized tests to modularize setup; now tests actually use test dir (check-in: c551cd32c5, user: eli, branch: dev)
57.3 days test/test_helper.exs
added initial empty elixir project (check-in: fa79800502, user: eli, branch: dev)