Formal Website Builder Code

The code behind the simplest open source website builder.

Formal Studio

Formal Studio is an open source website creation platform designed to serve the unique needs of artists and creative professionals.

You can view past and upcoming changes in the changelog.


Install the Elixir programming language.

Download and unzip the latest development version of the source code:

curl -o "" unzip cd formal-studio

Install the Elixir dependencies:

mix deps.get

Run the tests to make sure everything's working:

mix test

Running the Server

You can run the server as a long-running process using this command:

mix run --no-halt

You can an interactive Elixir shell for the application using this command:

iex -S mix

Setting Up a Local Development Environment

Install Fossil. It is also available in most package managers (e.g. brew install fossil).

Clone the repository:

fossil clone formal-studio.fossil

Create a working directory and check out the latest version of the code:

mkdir formal-studio cd formal-studio fossil open ../formal-studio.fossil dev

Generating the Documentation

To generate local documentation for the code, run this command:

mix docs